On top of Reservoir, along the prestigious Oakhill Avenue, lies the period marking residence.

A stately home with a valuable and aesthetic heritage, it was extended up one level as it was returned to its former glory. The front and side external areas were skilfully landscaped to accompany a soft and clean design.The rear, however, had been left untouched.

The client introduced the rear area as a blank canvas, an opportunity to start afresh and introduce a brand-new outdoor entertaining area. An admixture of young and semi-mature trees provide a green backdrop of fresh foliage for the family’s haven.

The project brief includes a cobalt-blue swimming pool and a health spa accompanied by a pool house that will allow them to host family events, and most importantly, to enjoy the expansive backyard area available.

The proposal is bold and at the same time considerate; all structures at the rear are carefully demolished to make way for a newly-minted one located to the south of the site, that is welcoming and blessed with abundant, natural light.

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