This mixed-use project is set within a development overlay, where features such as street activation, frontage, bulk and massing are key for the development. A protected giant oak tree provides the site with a natural landmark which is fundamental for the conception of this project.

The design straddles between the overlays and maximizing the site’s potential. The proposal includes one standalone dwelling at the rear, five large townhouses, one medium townhouse and one retail/office space.

Construction is envisioned to be as modular and sustainable as possible, where OSB panels, prebuilt stairs, recycled bricks, cross laminated timber, solar panels and rainwater collection are amongst the many sustainable features of the proposal.

The modern appearance of the building, with its peaked profile and rich frontage, is a highly articulated contribution to the local streetscape. Biophilic design includes a heavily landscaped approach - with garden beds, planters on balconies and trellises for creepers – that combined with spacious and naturally lit interiors provide the residents with an enhanced experience overall.

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