A small footprint set the tone for what was a challenging task. An extra small kitchen space and a dysfunctional bathroom are to make way for new spacious areas capable of connecting with the courtyard.

The proposal flips the original floorplan and circulation to unlock a functional space, that now provides a new bathroom, laundry, kitchen and dining area. These new spaces improve the client’s lifestyle by providing them with enhanced amenities.

As keen gardeners and growers of their own vegetables, the client requested that the new extension did not compromise the garden beds. Therefore, the design was conceived in a wholistic approach, where new garden beds with in-built seats provide the much-loved opportunity to sit by the plants.

The internal and the external areas are seamlessly connected, where an outdoor/indoor island bench and bifold doors increase connectivity to the outdoors and nature. A fully glazed frontage allows for the interiors to be flooded with natural light.

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