Located within a residential area, the existing house is now too small for its owner and in need of expansion with an open-plan living area.

The existing house is tastefully renovated, and rooms are carefully repurposed to increase the number of bedrooms, in order to accommodate a growing family.

With a keen interest in cooking, the client required a new and spacious kitchen, where they can dedicate long hours preparing and cooking scrumptious food for friends and family.

Crucial to the project is the concept that this new space be flooded with natural light and as part of the brief, the roof is to be a feature element both inside and on the outside.

The new addition faces north, whilst the roof provides extra ceiling height as well as abundant access to natural light. Articulated to regulate the access of the northern sun, the design response leans on the feature roof, unique to this house and clearly differentiating it from its neighbours.

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