Richmond is full of character. It's diverse but groovy, chaotic and unexpected. That is the motto of our design. Embracing the diversity and character of its location, Bridge & Palmer is a welcome addition to the eastern end of Bridge Road.

With materials that speak of its contemporaneity as well as its role as a landmark for future developments, the project manages to settle seamlessly in its location. The introduction of timber finishes softens its presence and welcomes residents and visitors alike. A ground floor retail space ensures activation. A canopy conceived as book match to the ground floor elevation, and the ground floor facade finishes provide consistency and clean lines for a consolidated design approach, contributing to the streetscape at ground level.

The upper levels are finished in a combination of red bricks that speak of the site's industrial history, in a nod to the surrounding brick warehouses and buildings that form the fabric of Richmond. The building is set back at the 6th storey, where a communal room and outdoor space provide residents with an entertainment area all year round, with city views on top of one of Melbourne's busiest streets.

Bridge & Palmer is a combination of our abilities to put together larger projects with an extensive team of consultants, capacity to deliver the best result possible for our client's investment and our design approach, resulting in a contribution to the local community.

For the project's brochure and further information, please visit Bridge + Palmer

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