An up-and-coming, sleek suburb, Tullamarine is a 20-minute drive fromMelbourne’s CBD, and is rapidly becoming a sought-after residential location for young professionals and families. Owned by the client for many years, a decision was made in consultation with Lara Architects to develop the site and capitalise on the suburb’s demand.

The brief proposed three townhouses, each comprising three bedrooms anda study. An enclosed carpark, with an additional outdoor parking space, holds up to two cars within the property. The living areas are designed to be open plan with flushes of natural light. Furthermore, the townhouses should be at an accessible price point, while differing from competing offers that adopt a common aesthetic.

Excited to tackle this project, Lara proposed the main entries on the perpendicular Spring Street to make the most of corner setbacks to the development’s advantage. This allows for the three townhouses to fit suitably within the site, where two are identical and the corner townhouse shares a mirrored upper level with a differentiated ground floor plan.

At a glance, the development provides a simple, yet controlled approach to materiality and form, a welcome contribution to the surrounding streetscape.

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