The brief for this interesting project could be split into two sub-briefs. The first is the family home, the second includes the areas dedicated to the vehicles.

The family home includes the renovation to the 70’s brick veneer construction, where intricate roofing systems and structural solutions were found. A revised internal layout and new family areas posed a major challenge that at the end will provide the family with spacious and light filled rooms. A new living area with cathedral ceilings provide for a beautiful space that welcomes the northern light with connections to outdoor living and outlooks to the beautiful old tress that line the rear boundary line.

Located to the south are the vehicle dedicated spaces. The client’s brief was clear in that the garage has to fit the family’s cars but more importantly the family’s RV.  An avid mechanic, the client’s brief includes a workshop and an outdoor area to work on the vehicles.  The response is a clever use of the southern area, where the new blocks are clad in timber and present interesting rooflines, whilst minimizing overshadowing to the neighbouring dwelling.

Overall the design caters for a demanding brief, where a large number of new and grand spaces are provided, in a response that is sympathetic to the heritage protected area.

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