Architect for the CAT Association, a joint venture integrated by one of the most prominent structural design firms in the world, TY Lin International from the USA and two Ecuadorian firms, Sismica Ingenieros Consultores and Asesoría y Estudios Técnicos.

Being able to speak both English and Spanish fluently, allowed Lara to have a key role in the project, from inception to tender.

The urban impact of the new structure was key to the design approach. On the Bahia end, the access to the bridge is in a populated area and expropriation is needed to accommodate the bridge´s approach. The proposal includes repurposing the newly acquired land into a public park that links the waterfront promenade with the bridge.

A ramp that branches out from the bridge spans over and into the park, providing a safe for-pedestrians-only access to the bridge, in what is to become a walkway from the river front, across the bridge and all the way to San Vicente at the other side of the river.

The bridge´s footpath includes balconies located at each pier location for pedestrians to rest and take in the panoramic views up and down the Chone river.

The proposed park will revitalise the city´s public amenity offer, with recreational areas, playgrounds, sports and exercise facilities, a small forest and a public square with a landmark sculpture for public ceremonies.

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