The smart, crisp structures are capable of morphing into a peaceful and enclosed space in which the family, observers of the Jewish faith, can observe the holiday tradition of Sukkot.

Nestled in the heart of St Kilda East and surrounded by a multicultural neighbourhood, this fabulous project has offered us at Lara a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Jewish traditions. Of course, it has also opened up a broad array of opportunities to design contemporary outdoor areas with a difference compared to typical outdoor areas in other homes.

The existing open area required a complete overhaul, in order to cater for adequate space for the family to celebrate their holiday outdoors. The“Sukkah” is an enclosed outdoor space and, therefore, the new structures had to be capable of being transformed from an open-air and under-the-starry-skies area into an enclosed space for spiritual reflection and intimate family interaction.

Concrete-finish walls contrast handsomely with the timber batten-finish walls, thereby enclosing the outdoor area in a comfortable, contemporary setting. An inviting salt-water swimming pool provides the south-facing courtyard with shimmering light. Meanwhile, a lovely pergola spanning the site’s full breadth provides cover to ensure usability all year round. The pergola’s automated louvres and roller blinds allow for a fully-enclosed outdoor area as per the client’s wishes.

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