Perched on the top of the hill and on a steep site, the house presented a unique challenge that ultimately defined the project’s design.

The young family required a thoughtful approach in how they could access their home on a day-to-day basis, in an uncompromised way. On the other hand, the client, a civil contractor, requested a large basement to fit in the family vehicles and collectable cars. The strategy was to find a middle point to locate the ground floor plane on the steep site, where earthworks could be carried out economically and at the same time making sure that the level difference to the street level was not excessive. A vehicular ramp along the southern boundary, starting from the lowest point on the south-western corner of the site, provides the perfect access to the basement parking and up to the main ground floor plane.

Carving the land, the house sets in the site in an L shape to maximise access to natural light and provide expansive garden areas with beautiful landscaping. The use of solid, low maintenance and durable materials make the house a solid element where north facing windows are slotted throughout the façade. Balconies and the interface between volumes are carved into the main mass of the house to expose a lighter and tactile timber finish.

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