Fairbairn Park

The City of Moonee Valley's Open Space Strategy identifies Fairbairn Park in Ascot Vale as a Regional Park which means it is designated for neighbourhood use but has broader regional catchment significance. The primary character of the park is classified as ‘Sporting’ and the secondary character classification are ‘Waterway, Nature and Conservation.’

Our approach, as always, is considered and thoughtful. At Lara, we took these two main characters as our main guides to inform the design and create a hollistic experience for residents and visitors alike.

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In resonance to the Council’s challenges, the new facilities seek to ensure the provision of adequate infrastructure for the community, the correct development of green spaces and accommodate the increase in population with well considered facilities, designed to the highest standards.

Sustainable strategies to lower overall operating costs include the potential use of recycled bricks for the upper ground floor, reuse of excavated dirt to form the mounds, capture of rain water, photovoltaic panels to harness solar energy, installation of water saving fittings, motion sensors to activate light fixtures, policies to stimulate re-use and recycle, and other strategies from a complete sustainability study and plan.

The New Facility will appeal to a wider crowd, attracting visitors not only from the different suburbs of the City Of Moonee Valley, but from across other cities. It will be an example of community building and engagement.

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